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Chapter 1:

"be true to your pool"

The one where Trey + Ethan accidentally kill a dog (& try to cover it up).

Chapter 2:


The one where Trey + Ethan meet a new neighbor (& Trey is instantly smitten).

Chapter 3:

"todd only knows"

The one where Trey + Ethan run into their biggest fan (& interrupt Callie on a jog).

Chapter 4:

"skimmin' safari"

The one where Trey + Ethan are forced to clean a new pool in the neighborhood (& it belongs to Trey’s nemesis).

Chapter 5:

"good flirtations"

The one where Trey + Ethan encounter competition for their jobs (& Trey takes his shot with Callie).

Chapter 6:

"Gyros and villains"

The one where Trey + Ethan throw a “Mamma Mia” party (& try to butter up a new HOA member to save their jobs).

Chapter 7:

"california quarrels"

The one where Trey + Ethan’s documentary premieres at the HOA meeting (& the Beech Boys’ troubled history is unearthed).

Chapter 8:

"surfin' h.o.a."

The one where Trey + Ethan (& Cedric + Todd) make their cases before the HOA (& the story concludes).

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